As a long standing member of the Builders Association of the Twin Cities, Village Floor has formed relationships with some of Minnesota’s premier home builders. Our award winning design team collaborates on carpet, countertop, tile & flooring selections that are proudly featured in model homes throughout the Twin Cities.         


Cambria in Laneshaw
Formica in Elemental Concrete
Cambria in Hyde Park
Silestone in Lusso
Formica in Timeberworks
Silestone in Quasar
Cambria in Buckingham
Formica in Black Fusion
Cambria in Wentwood
Silestone in Cemento Spa
HanStone in Bosque
Formica in Soapstone Sequoia
Cambria in Ashford
Silestone in Ironbark
Wilsonart in Milwaukee Rust
Cambria in New Quay
Wilsonart in Reclaimed Oak Plank
Silestone in Forest Snow
Wilsonart in Cippolino Grigio
Cambria in Darlington
HanStone in Shasta
Cambria in Canterbury
Formica in Crema Mascarello
Cambria in Kensington
Wilsonart in Lace Gresso Wood
Silestone in Iron Ore
Cambria in New Haven
Cambria in Hollinsbrook
Cambria in Sutton
Formica in Dolce Vita
Cambria in Park Gate
Formica in Travertine Silver
Formica 180fx in Travertine Gold
Cambria in Blackwood
Formica in Calcatta Marble
Formica in Antique Mascarello
Wilsonart in Magnata
Formica in Lapidus Brown
Formica in Neo Cloud
Formica in Oxidized Maple
Formica in Weathered Beamwood
HanStone in Cloudy
Wilsonart in Antique Barrel
HanStone in Grigio
HanStone in Indian Pearl
Silestone in Calypso
Wilsonart in Cippolino Bianco
Silestone in Copper Mist
Silestone in Serena
Cambria in Bristol Blue
Cambria in Laneshaw
Cambria in Ellesmere
Silestone in Blue Sahara
Formica in Soapstone Sequoia
Silestone in Sienna Ridge
Silestone in Beige Daphne
Silestone in Albedo
Formica 180fx in Dolce Macchiato
Silestone in Alpina White
Silestone in Black Canyon
Silestone in Riverbed
Silestone in Santa Fe Brown
Formica in Weathered Cement
Formica 180fx in Cafe Azul
Formica 180fx in Soapstone Sequoia
Formica in Antique Mascarello
Formica 180fx in Marbled Cappacino
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